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Incremental Price

With every transaction, every token sale the price of each token increases slightly. This will lead your coins to grow in value with every purchase done by anyone else.


Risk Free

All your wallets are locally stored on your desktop or mobile. All your funds are securely stored on the Smart Contract and all your XFA are in your local wallet.


Token Crowdsale

Community backed token to increase it's value depending on the general public. Idea behind this is to bring community together to help each other grow, and earn more money with every purchase.


100% Liquidity

You don't have to wait for anybody, and you can sell anytime. There will always be Ethereums stored for you to sell and withdraw earnings anytime and from anywhere.


Pro Dashboard

We provide a dashboard to track your reports and analyse your earnings. It also helps you to control your local wallets from inside and acts like a driver for your wallets, while you hold the key.


Affiliate Commission

Everyone doing extra work to bring people onboard will be rewarded for their efforts through affiliate commissions directly in their address, which is hassle free.


About Adore Finance Token

Adore is a Smart Contract based on Ethereum Blockchain that allows users to buy XFA, increase the price and sell it once the price grows.

It is a passive income source that can be utilised by people of all age groups and income groups.

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The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread, The origin platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.